From the Vice Chairman’sDesk

Dear Parents and students,
God has sent every child with a unique power and we believe in the strength to realize and recognize it, therefore ,stimulate your power,bring it into action and lead a successful life.
At KC we motivate our children to become heroes of their stories. We drive them towards self –confidence ,strong character building ,hard work , moral and spiritual values. We lead our children to believe that future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. In this fast moving world we reach them to connect with the divine force for a holistic and sprittual view of life. We inspire our students to live by the school motto “ Discipline , Dedication , Excellence” and become thinkers of a beautiful global dream.

The faculty of KC Group of institutions has a fine reputation and you will find a caring faculty who are full of enthusiasm and self- confidence .You are on the threshold of an educational opportunity which provides you an excellent academic environment for the study under the dynamic leadership of its leaders.Our group of growth and success with god’s blessing in the field of education has been phenomenal. We will carry forward the ever radiating torch of education into society with the focus on producing better,more creative and productive global citizens. Wishing every student a glorious future.
Shri. Hitesh Gandhi Vice Chairman, KC Group of Institutions