KC Global School aims to provide complete education for all-arround growth of students to attain the classical ideal of education developing individual qualities in an individual.

Our endeavors to create a community of 21st century learners through a nurturing, stimulating and holistic learning environment, where students are encouraged to develop open mindedness, a spirit of inquisitiveness, creative and critical thinking skills self and social responsibility. The school collaborates with the community to instill in the student generosity of spirit and integrity of thought, word and action.

At KC Global is to be truly educated to have a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around us. Through a challenging curriculum that is comprehensive, balanced, research based, the school prepares the children to face the challenges to be confident and committed. We nurture and create wholesome global citizens of tomorrow.


The motto of the school is

Our Mission

KC Group of institutions, Bhaddal has completed its 1 year of glorious service in the field of education. The period we left behind was marked by origin , Growth, development and consolidation. Noble and profound vision and mission can be achieved only if a positive, energetic, dynamic corporate and organizational culture drives its vision, mission & culture and a guaranteed road map that we intend to follow:

  1. Accelerated penetration of affordable quality education of a general, technical and professional nature that is interdisciplinary, across a wide spectrum of learners of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh with special focus on its rural population.
  2. To create and sustain productive business organizations in the field of higher education that are self driven with its own energy and force and grow with their internal urge and desire where individuals feel pride and pleasure to be part of , in their efforts to self actualize.
  3. Consolidate and build on the current reputation and create the KC Brand Name in the field of education .Diversity and broad band our product with multiple quality brands in offer for our patrons to choose from and offer maximum utility and value for money for each one of them.
  4. Sustain the noble and human face of education and offer resource assistance to meritorious students and faculty.
  5. Pedagogy updating and gradation through regular seminars and workshops to educate students and faculty.
  6. Continuously drive home among the students, faculty and others in the immediate environment the lessons of sustainable development and the needs for clean and green technology for the safety & security of our future.